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Welcome to the SPR Merchandise Store! Our store offers SPR-specific merchandise, as well as merchandise from our affiliates. You can find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend, and our selection is constantly growing to ensure there is something for everyone. By purchasing from us, you’re supporting SPR – and we thank you for that! So why wait? Come and shop with us today and find the perfect item for any occasion! Check out our STM store for more options.

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Official SPR-specific merchandise 

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Enthusiastic Merchants

Sleeves interviewed enthusiastic merchants who proudly showcased their pickleball-related merchandise. From paddles to apparel, these merchants offer a wide range of high-quality products for pickleball enthusiasts. We’ve compiled their information and provided links to their individual websites, making it convenient for you to explore and shop for your favorite pickleball gear.

Sleeve's SPR: People of Pickleball

Sleeve’s Senior Pickleball Report, hosted by Mike, is a captivating series where he engages with influential figures from the global Pickleball community. This show goes beyond the court, featuring individuals who not only play the sport but also make significant contributions to causes and endeavors. Through insightful interviews, viewers gain deeper insights into the multifaceted world of Pickleball and discover how these remarkable individuals impact the sport and society at large.

Sleeve's Senior Pickleball Report

About Us

Get the latest updates and information on the rapidly growing sport of pickleball, specifically designed for the senior community aged 50+. Check out Sleeve’s Senior Pickleball Report on YouTube to stay informed and up-to-date with the ever-changing world of pickleball. Join the community and stay ahead of the game.

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