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“Discover top-notch gear & services for Pickleball enthusiasts at Sleeve’s Affiliate Shop,  and help support our Sleeve’s Senior Pickleball Report.”

Pickleball Paddles and Balls

Bread and Butter Pickleball

From failed tennis empire to pickleball revolutionaries, Doug and Brodie bring their unique flavor to the game. 🥖🧈 Get 15% off your purchase of Bread & Butter Filth, Loco, and other exciting paddles with code SleevesPBR.


Unmatched quality, exceptional customer support, and all-around great playability. Let’s enhance your pickleball vibe! 🔥Get 15% off your purchase by using my discount code: MICHAELSLIWA15

Honolulu Pickleball

Experience Christian-based pickleball innovation in Honolulu. Our high-tech processes break equipment limitations, expanding skills and strategy. Meticulously designed with premium components, our paddles set a new standard in state-of-the-art design.

Use code MICHAELSLIWA and get 10% off your purchase

Just Paddles:

Your go-to source for perfect paddles and an unbeatable customer experience. We deliver on our promise.  Enter Here!

Maverix Pickleball

Ignited by passion, forged in uniqueness. Matt Miller’s dedication brings you paddles that stand out. Embrace the Maverix journey.

Check out Maverix’s pickleball paddles today and get 20% off your entire purchase. Use code SLEEVESSPR10.

OM Pickleball:

Innovative performance gear and racquets designed to elevate your game on the courts. Experience the difference!

Get 10% off and free shipping on your next purchase at using promo code OMxSLEEVES.


Atlanta’s premier racquet sports brand. Elevating your game with quality gear and a vibrant community. Join us today!

PCKL is offering a discount to you, the viewers of Sleeve’s SPR… Use code PBREPORT15 for 15% off!


Revolutionizing pickleball with carbon fiber paddles. Reign And Win with maximum spin, power, and control. Support bee conservation with every purchase!

Use the code “Reign10” and get 10% off your purchase. A percentage of proceeds go to Non-Profit Bee Farmers. SAVE THE BEES!

Regalia Pickleball:

Quality paddles and a thriving community for players passionate about the game.

Visit and use code SLEEVES for 10% off your purchase!

Wickle Elite 1: A Game-Changing Pickleball Paddle

Describing the paddle as a game-changer, Sliwa went as far as suggesting that the sport itself should consider rebranding to “Wickleball” in honor of this groundbreaking equipment. With a low price tag that won’t leave your wallet in a pickle, the Wickle Elite 1 promises to elevate your pickleball experience without breaking the bank.

Check out the Wickle product line and get 10% off your purchase (use the code sleeves10):

Gear and Accessories


Revolutionizing footwear with Therapeutic, Comfort, and Support Technology. Proprietary technologies for a healthy, active lifestyle. Fitville is offering a discount to you, the viewers of Sleeve’s SPR…

Use this code to get 30% off:   SPR30

LUQI Grips

Elevate your game with our stylish and top-notch overgrips for tennis and pickleball. Quality meets aesthetics.

Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to save on your purchase! Use the code SLEEVES at to unlock a special discount. Shop now and take advantage of this amazing deal!


Elevate your pickleball game with The Dink Net. Portable, easy setup, and perfect for practice anywhere. Enhance your skills and become an expert player faster.

Use code SENIORPICKLEBALLREPORT for 10% off your entire order. Elevate your pickleball experience with Picklin’!

Spot On Pickleball

The ultimate training tool and paddle cover in one. Increase accuracy, precision, and hand speed with Spot On.

Use code MICHAELSLIWA to get 10% off your purchase.

Visit Enthusiastic Merchants

“Discover the passion of pickleball enthusiasts by exploring the diverse range of high-quality products available. From paddles to apparel, enthusiastic merchants proudly showcase their merchandise, providing you with access to everything you need to take your pickleball game to the next level. Explore their individual websites and indulge in your love for pickleball gear today.”

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Check out the Wickle product line and get 10% off your purchase ( use the code sleeves10)