Friends of Sleeve’s SPR

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Friends of Sleeve's SPR

Enthusiastic Merchants

Sleeves interviewed enthusiastic merchants who proudly showcased their pickleball-related merchandise. From paddles to apparel, these merchants offer a wide range of high-quality products for pickleball enthusiasts. We've compiled their information and provided links to their individual websites, making it convenient for you to explore and shop for your favorite pickleball gear.


Team jojo+lo, a women-owned start-up since October 2021, brings trendy pickleball apparel and accessories with flair. Frustrated by the lack of stylish options for the sport, they created a line of quality graphic tees, tanks, hats, and more. With six different collections and over 80 unique products, their designs are changing the image of pickleball. Partnering with the PPA and expanding nationwide, their goal is to wholesale with major retailers, offering the cutest pickleball merchandise on the planet.


A family-owned business from Alameda, CA... We scoured the market but couldn't unearth a single top-notch pickleball hat that had that California-cool vibe to shield us from the blazing sun. Not one. Zip. Zilch. All the existing hats were either uninspiring, tacky, or just plain subpar in quality. There wasn't a hint of style in sight. And thus, the inception of MilesJane™.

MilesJane™ was co-founded in 2019. We are a blended family and parents to four children, all under the age of 10-years old. Somewhat unique, chaotic and full of love ... most of the time.

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Where pickleball meets fun and style! We embrace the love of the game with humor and vibrant designs. Our gear sparks conversations and celebrates the joy of pickleball. Elevate your pickleball lifestyle with PiklNation - because life's too short not to play!


Embrace holistic healing and wellness with RA! Our premium, Whole Spectrum™ Hemp Products empower you to prioritize personal transformation and fearlessly pursue your dreams. Live free, live RA!✌🏽🖤

Santa Barbara Happy

Santa Barbara Happy is an apparel brand founded in 2023, inspired by a family's relocation to the beach during the pandemic. With a love for the ocean, their brand aims to spread happiness and positivity, reminding you to seek adventure, follow your dreams, and trust the process. Wear their brand and feel good, bringing a bit of the ocean wherever you are.

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Santa Barbara Happy
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The Pickleball Addict

The Pickleball Addict saga began with a passion for the exhilarating sport. Sharing love for pickleball through clever apparel, they connect with a community of players who share the addiction. Join the family, make a statement, and look great with their comical messages on high-quality apparel.

World of Pickleball

World of Pickleball, based in Omaha, Nebraska, is a trusted provider of top-quality pickleball equipment and accessories. With a wide range of products for players of all skill levels, we offer expert advice, support, and a commitment to help the sport grow. Join us and elevate your pickleball game!

Creative Services & Apps

Sleeves recently interviewed app creators, hospitality providers, and service experts in the pickleball industry. They shared valuable insights about their venues and services. We're thrilled to provide you with information about their pickleball-related offerings and links to their individual websites, ensuring you have easy access to everything you need for an exceptional pickleball experience.


matchPickle is an iOS app that combines scoring and video recording for pickleball matches. With a Bluetooth clicker or iWatch, users can control the score while the app simultaneously captures the match. Highlights can be easily created and shared, including player names, scores, and event logos. The app also connects pickleball enthusiasts through a social network platform at Join us to capture and share the fun of this exciting game!

Pickleball Tours

Pickleball Tours: Customized travel experiences focused on movement, wellness, and relaxation. We offer consultative service, guiding you through planning while incorporating pickleball, healthy activities, and nature. Tailor your trip for vacation with pickleball or pickleball with a vacation. Perfect for groups celebrating life events or milestones. Let's make your dream trip a reality! #dreamtrip

Tres Palapas

Tres Palapas is Mexico's top pickleball destination , offering a unique vacation experience with ten inviting courts. From daily open play and lessons to happy hour pickleball and round robins, we cater to all skill levels. Whether you're a pickleball enthusiast or simply looking to relax and enjoy the vibe, Tres Palapas welcomes you with warm hospitality and affordable options. Come join us for a pickleball adventure and share your story in the sunshine!